small business

Small Business

Just because you’re called “small” business does not mean you have to think small. Start to #seeTheBig that we see in you

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For Children

Our BUD savings account range for children and youth is a reflection of your passion for your child. It’s never too early to begin.

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online banking

Internet Banking

You deserve an easy day, so don’t leave home so fast, just make those transfers, buy that item all from your #comfortZone

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account opening

Open Account

Are you a small business or a person in motion? Select from our range of practical account types what suits your step.

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At Heritage Bank, we believe that sometimes in life, you don’t have to walk before you fly, and we apply that principle, driven by our innate tenacity, as we help create, preserve and transfer wealth

This 5-minute documentary video stars Heritage Bank’s Ola Olabinjo, Mary Akpobome, Davidson Regha, Tobe Nnadozie and Abidemi Sonoiki as they give a brief insight into the spirit behind the company.

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You can visit this page to download forms, apps, documents, tools and other resources all in one place.

From the Blog

    • 06 MAY 16
    Startup Hacks in Game of Thrones

    Startup Hacks in Game of Thrones

    Let’s take a moment to learn a few business techniques from a powerful story. Game of Thrones is a TV show set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos and interweaves three major narrative plots. The first narrative arc follows a civil war among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the

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    • 19 APR 16
    The Power of Change

    The Power of Change

    No, this is not a political article. It is an article for your pocket. “No change… You can pick something else worth your change” Have you heard this before? You leave your house, get to a store after making a budget specifying the things you want to buy and their cost equivalent. After successfully making

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