small business

Small Business

Just because you’re called “small” business does not mean you have to think small. Start to #seeTheBig that we see in you

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For Children

Our BUD savings account range for children and youth is a reflection of your passion for your child. It’s never too early to begin.

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online banking

Internet Banking

You deserve an easy day, so don’t leave home so fast, just make those transfers, buy that item all from your #comfortZone

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account opening

Open Account

Are you a small business or a person in motion? Select from our range of practical account types what suits your step.

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At Heritage Bank, we believe that sometimes in life, you don’t have to walk before you fly, and we apply that principle, driven by our innate tenacity, as we help create, preserve and transfer wealth


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From the Blog

    • 09 SEP 16
    #IamProudOfMyHeritage: The New Kings and Queens of Africa

    #IamProudOfMyHeritage: The New Kings and Queens of Africa

    The heritage of a people is their source of greatness. The American dream is built on the heritage of great men like Verndabilt, Carnegie, Ford etc. However, in the case of Africa the conversation always revolves around slavery, starvation and politicians, overlooking an era before then when African Kings and Queens built empires and enterprise

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