We make it possible for you to really do business by focusing on building your company into a testimony of timeless wealth. Our culture is predisposed to welcome you and your vision into our mindset of creativity and knowledge, helping you grow the business you have beyond where you imagined.

The Heritage Bank product development teams have created Business Banking products and services that equip you as the leader, and your organization as a whole with the tools and the relationships you need – whether your business is small, medium or large – to change lives beyond that of yours and your family. Tools to drive a change in the way wealth is created, preserved and transferred.


  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    • MSME Business Account
    • Corporate Banking
    • Public Sector Banking
    • eBanking
    • Individual Current Account
    • Savings Account


Heritage Bank Plc

As your Timeless Wealth Partner, we hold firmly to the belief that the capacity for immense wealth lies in you.

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