Enjoying the holiday is about making the most of the time and doing what brings you pleasure. It is a time for you to relax and enjoy some time off work with family and friends, but you have to be proactive to make that happen. Beautiful weather beckons from outside your cubicle with its promise of

2017-07-14 | HeritageBank


The dream of every SME in Nigeria is to grow beyond a small business into a bigger business with chains of outlets serving both local and international customers. However, research has shown that only half of start-ups survive more than five years, and not more than one-third make it to ten years. With this in

2017-06-05 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank, Lagos State sponsor one-day seminar for JAMB students

Heritage Bank Plc, Nigeria’s most innovative banking services provider, has taken another giant step towards being the timeless wealth partners with its stakeholders, as it sponsored a one-day JAMB Seminar for the Ifako-Ijaiye students. This is part of the bank’s initiative to develop the advancement of education in Nigeria; as the bank in partnership with

2017-03-24 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank presents 40” LED TV to winners of Happy Days Promo

Heritage Bank Plc, Nigeria’s Most Innovative Banking Services Provider, has presented 40-inch LED flat screen TV respectively to two of its loyal customers who emerged winners in the December/January 2016 draw of its on-going Happy Days Promo. The presentation was done in Lagos yesterday by senior officials of the bank in collaboration with an executive

2017-03-09 | HeritageBank

5 smart ways to boost your business in 2017

A common trend with every business is to strategize for growth when a new year approaches. Whether you are just starting as a new business owner or you have been running your business successfully for a long time, there are always new strategies that can help maximize your success rate in the marketplace. Here are 5

2017-01-23 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank repositions for improved efficiency

We hereby announce the restructuring of our workforce as part of efforts geared towards greater efficiency and resource optimization, in line with our growth agenda. This agenda is designed to strengthen the bank’s business across all markets where we operate. The restructuring processes are meant to up-scale this institution’s activities in the strategic sectors of the

2017-01-17 | HeritageBank

YESGrant: Heritage Bank Empowers 35 Entrepreneurs with N50m

As part of its culture of providing timely and affordable credit to assist youth in implementing their business ideas, Heritage Bank Plc. under the Young Entrepreneurs & Students Grant Scheme (YESGrant) has provided N50million in Grants to 35 entrepreneurs. In partnership with the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), the Grant was awarded to about 35 young

2017-01-09 | HeritageBank


With a new year comes an array of goals/plans; I bet you wrote down a list of things you hope to accomplish in 2017 like learn a new skill, shed some weight, acquire a degree and a list of some nice things you would want to buy – like a car, a house, etc. One

2017-01-04 | HeritageBank

CBN: Heritage Bank is not in Distress

www.cbn.gov.ng CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA   Press Release   Heritage Bank is not in Distress The attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been drawn to false and malicious stories on the social media insinuating that Heritage Bank is under financial distress and therefore unable to discharge its obligations to its depositors. We

2016-11-15 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank Plc Remains Sound and Resilient

The attention of Heritage Bank Plc has been drawn to deceptive reports contained in a media publication, alleging the Bank’s inability to honour its obligations to customers amongst other contrived reports on the financial state of the bank. Heritage Bank wishes to categorically refute this false information being circulated about the institution with a misdirected

2016-11-15 | HeritageBank