Verve Breeze to Brazil Promo

Terms and Conditions: This promo is an initiative from Verve to reward loyal customers of the bank with an all-expense paid trip to the world cup in brazil. Only a winner will emerge from this promo.  A draw will be conducted from the list of customers with 20 or more transactions during the promo period.

2014-04-01 | HeritageBank

Old foes!

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has outlined his respect for Manchester United ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League quarter-final tie at Old Trafford. “We’re up against Manchester United, one of the most important clubs in the world, regardless of their current situation,” explained Guardiola. “Especially if you look back over the last 10 or 15 years

2014-04-01 | HeritageBank
building bridges

Building Bridges (against all odds)

Once there was an explorer who needed to cross a bridge to a small town, but the bridge was badly damaged.  After he carefully crossed it, he dropped his bags and took his time to repair the bridge.  Another explorer passing by questioned his action, but he said to him “I am not repairing it

2014-03-28 | HeritageBank
Milton Hershey

The Journey of a Chocolate Bar

(Lessons From The Life Of Milton S. Hershey)  Hershey Chocolate Company is the 5th largest producing candy company in the world and the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America.   The Hershey Company has operations throughout the world and approximately 14,000 employees with revenues of more than $6.6 billion and offers confectionery products under

2014-03-21 | HeritageBank

Happy Anniversary!!!

It’s been ONE YEAR since the seeds of timeless wealth were sown; a journey we began together. As we celebrate our anniversary, we renew our commitment to see these seeds grow, whilst we harness the hopes for a more promising tomorrow. We have since begun and will continue to successfully create value for our stakeholders

2014-03-04 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank plans listing in capital market; Pledges more innovations

Heritage Bank is planning to list its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the next two years. The bank’s Executive Director, Ivory Banking, Mrs. Mary Akpobome disclosed this in Lagos at the grand finale of the 2014 edition of Ikoyi club’s annual tennis grand slam competition sponsored by the bank. According to her, the

2014-02-21 | HeritageBank
Timeless Wealth image

What does Timeless Wealth mean to you?

The Oxford Dictionary defines “timeless” as: “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion…”. We agree. We also agree that not everybody appreciates the possibility of achieving timeless wealth, and this may be either due to their circumstances or orientation. Timeless Wealth is wealth that is not affected by the passage of time

2014-02-17 | HeritageBank

We’ve Come A Long Way

It’s the dawn of a new day in the banking industry as we make history with the establishment of Heritage Bank.  A new day that births our offering of trans-generational significance as we commit to help you create, nurture and transfer wealth to the significant others in your life’s journey. Our raison d’etre is predicated

2013-12-06 | HeritageBank

Chairman’s Message

It is an honor to welcome you to history in the making as we launch Heritage Bank – a bank whose unique philosophy is predicated on creating lasting legacies through wealth creation, wealth preservation and wealth transfer. Our commitment is to work with each customer to create a name and heritage for today and future

2013-12-06 | HeritageBank


The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has appointed Heritage Bank as one of the banks with the mandate to partake in the National Identity Numbers (NIN) Project. With the appointment, Heritage Bank is enlisted as one of the banks to undertake the identification, registration and issuance of the identity cards to Nigerians. Speaking on this

2013-11-26 | HeritageBank