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A Savings Account for Children & Youth

Our Bud Savings Scheme opens a new world of benefits to equip you and make you enjoy your journey to a financially independent future. Select the Category that suits you and start enjoying these exciting benefits.

Features & Benefits

of the bud account range

  • bud MINI - (for ages 0-12)

    • Competitive interest on savings (2% above normal savings interest)
    • Children friendly account statement
    • Membership into school bank club at your school
    • Savings milestone reward
    • Choose attractive photo branded contactless cards
    • Access to school fees loan for parents
  • bud TEEN - (for ages 13 - 17)

    • Skoolbank portal and website for edutainment resources
    • Competitive interest on savings ( 2% above normal savings interest)
    • Youth friendly account statement
    • Membership into the Skoolbank club at your school
    • Participate and enjoy Skoolbank events and activities all year round
    • Savings milestone reward
  • bud MAXX - (for ages 18-25)

    • Get Started with just N5000
    • Gives 2% above normal savings interest
    • Automatic migration to current account at age 24
    • Regular savings plan
    • Internet Banking
    • Bank at School / Life Skills Club membership
    • Prom/school project support
    • Choose from a range of attractive photo branded Prepaid Card styles
    • Access to ISIC discounts
    • Transition gift pack
    • Create your online profile and interact with other Buds
    • Edutainment and Career building platforms
    • Win fantastic prices at Buddies Village annual draw
    • Special Birthday Treatment
    • Receive eNews Letter
    • School fees loan

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BUD savings account for children

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