A new way to
engage your markets,
shop, bank and pay for stuff

With the click of a button - or by a simple chat request, The Octopus app (or bot) enables Banking Transfers, Buying airtime, Movie Tickets and Paying bills... and most importantly, creating and engaging communities and events all in one place!

Discovering #aNewWay

The Octopus Experience

Imagine having a chat conversation on Facebook Messenger with somebody called Octopus. He asks you what you might like him to help you with. You decide that this might be a good time to get some movie tickets for you and Bae for the midweek hangout. So you respond with movies. He then asks you what city you would like to see a movie in, and then what cinema.

Once you’ve made your pick, you can pay right there in the chat! Supercool!

But here’s what’s cooler:

Beyond Social Banking

You can create a community, interact with people of common interest, carry out transactions of relevance to that community, and keep things running smooth for your small business or association. Another truly awesome aspect of Octopus’s social features is your ability to create your own event within Octopus! Be it a free party for your peers or a seminar that you promote for people to access after paying, you have this incredible power to engage your audience within a well-structured platform from promoting your products and ideas all the way to having them pay you right there and then for your product or tickets to attend your function!

More than Digital Banking

So, when Octopus says build your own digital bank, you can begin to see why. Truly, this is one feature that makes Octopus perfect for associations, churches, schools, estates and small growing businesses. It will help reduce operating costs and streamline income streams (*pun intended*).

Now, here’s the kicker, every time you get to the point where you need to make payment on an Octopus transaction, you can pay with ANY bank account in Nigeria. It doesn’t have to be Heritage Bank. Once you already have the card registered on Octopus, you can complete the transaction in a matter of seconds.

So, explore movies and buy tickets, create or join events and communities, build audiences and markets for your business

Intelligent. Everywhere

Octopus is an intelligent experience, and it is available everywhere. With omnichannel capabilities, you can start a transaction on one platform perhaps the chatbot, continue on another maybe the app, and finish it all on the web! It will link them fluidly.

Octopus, launched in 2017 and is fully developed in Lagos Nigeria by QuCoon.

It doesn't matter what bank you use!
Just register your card and get stuff done easily!

How to get Octopus

The Chat Bots

Enjoy the easy-to-relate flow of chatting with Octopus via either Facebook Messenger or the Telegram messaging app! Just feel free to ask anything in simple conversation… let Octopus handle it.

The Apps

Octopus is an intelligent digital experience, and there’s also an app through which you can get that experience. Whether you’re an Android or Apple iOS user, Octopus understands you. Just download it here.

The Web

At octopus.ng, you have an open door. This is the web-based interface for interacting with your favorite intelligent digital enabler, and you have the same experience from any device, anywhere.

Click here to chat with us LIVE
Click here to chat with us LIVE