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With a new year comes to an array of goals/plans; I bet you wrote down a list of things you hope to accomplish in 2017 like learn a new skill, shed some weight, acquire a degree and a list of some nice things you would want to buy like a car, a house, etc. One [...]read more
Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme
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In recognition of our commitment to SME and Youth development, Heritage Bank has been adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as the sole pilot bank for the Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YIEDP). The programme is aimed at harnessing the latent entrepreneurial spirit among the teeming youths by providing timely and affordable loans [...]read more
One. Bigger. Better.
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Simply looking into the sky will teach us one thing: birds are often found flying in groups. It is not for nothing that the age-old proverb says, 'birds of a feather flock together.' From a young age, we are taught that two are better than one:  single Lego brick cannot build a wall, and one [...]read more
Heritage PortaPOS – For the Business IN MOTION
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Today, small businesses and large retailers are turning to mobile point of sale (or mPOS) to increase sales and broaden their customer base. Existing large retailers are also adopting mobile POS solutions and integrating them into their current point of sales environment to enhance payment methods. The Nigerian retail and corporate market is undergoing a [...]read more
Get Rewarded for Using Your Heritage Bank Verve Card
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With over N4,000,000 to be won in the Heritage Bank/Verve "ACTIVATE, SPEND and WIN" promo, EVERYONE CAN BE A WINNER!!! There are various gift prizes to be won and this ranges from instant corporate gifts to cash rewards, recharge cards and up to 100% cash backs. To partake and win in the promo, you must [...]read more
Heritage Bank plans listing in capital market; Pledges more innovations
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Heritage Bank is planning to list its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the next two years. The bank's Executive Director, Ivory Banking, Mrs. Mary Akpobome disclosed this in Lagos at the grand finale of the 2014 edition of Ikoyi club's annual tennis grand slam competition sponsored by the bank. According to her, the [...]read more
What does Timeless Wealth mean to you?
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The Oxford Dictionary defines "timeless" as: "not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion...". We agree. We also agree that not everybody appreciates the possibility of achieving timeless wealth, and this may be either due to their circumstances or orientation. Timeless Wealth is wealth that is not affected by the passage of [...]read more
Why Choose Heritage Bank?
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
We offer a fluid combination of people, systems and environments, creating simplified guest-oriented processes and warm, concierge-style guest relations. Our management team has a strong pedigree of successful turnarounds. True to our commitment to nurturing wealth, we made a provision of 100% liquidity cover for all existing depositors and liabilities of SGBN with regulatory support. [...]read more



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