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This thing called CAREER
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This thing called Career A job is a course of daily engagement that is performed in exchange for value monetary and otherwise. A career takes the shape of a job but has the advantage of long-term vision and purpose. It is the choice between these that makes the most significant difference in today's marketplace. Two [...]read more
Lessons from the Mouse Man
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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Walt Disney. Walt had a friend named Ubbe, and the two of them drew cartoons for a living. Walt and Ubbe created a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but they lost the rights to this character to Universal Pictures. Talk about a tough break... The [...]read more
Little Mysteries – Here and There
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No one knows how they started, A mother weaving elaborate stories to entertain her children or an uncle adding pepper to tales of his travels, perhaps? Wherever and however they originated, these little mysteries laced with humour and horror have grown into full-on urban legends. Nigeria's cultural heritage is replete with such stories and, negligible [...]read more
Only in Lagos!
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Lagos, the hub of Nigeria's economy, is a city ever bustling with vibrant culture  think New York, London, Paris. As with every thriving city, Lagos prides itself on a rich local cuisine: a variety of countrywide meals prepared, served and enjoyed with a uniquely Lagosian twist. Below are ten of the most delicious delicacies to [...]read more
Building Bridges (against all odds)
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Once there was an explorer who needed to cross a bridge to a small town, but the bridge was badly damaged.  After he carefully crossed it, he dropped his bags and took Savage by Aina his time to repair the bridge.  Another explorer passing by questioned his action, but he said to him I am [...]read more
The Journey of a Chocolate Bar
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(Lessons From The Life Of Milton S. Hershey)  Hershey Chocolate Company is the 5th largest producing candy company in the world and the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America.  The Hershey Company has operations throughout the world and approximately 14,000 employees with revenues of more than $6.6 billion and offers confectionery products under [...]read more
We went the extra mile
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On Saturday, November 2, 2013, a number of bankers came together under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) to demonstrate how far they would go to show their solidarity, and render support to a worthy cause. On this day, Heritage Bank staff joined other bankers in a 90-minute trek from [...]read more
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