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Disconnected Connections
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Disconnected Connections. With the powerful new media technologies at our fingertips, human beings are interacting at a historically unprecedented speed and frequency. And yet, despite this, every relevant metric shows that we are more disconnected than ever before. If according to studies, face to face communication truly is the most effective way to build strong [...]read more
Verve Breeze to Brazil Promo
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
Terms and Conditions: This promo is an initiative from Verve to reward loyal customers of the bank with an all-expense-paid trip to the world cup in brazil. Only a winner will emerge from this promo. A draw will be conducted from the list of customers with 20 or more transactions during the promo period. The [...]read more
Happy Anniversary!!!
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It's been ONE YEAR since the seeds of timeless wealth were sown; a journey we began together. As we celebrate our anniversary, we renew our commitment to see these seeds grow, whilst we harness the hopes for a more promising tomorrow. We have since begun and will continue to successfully create value for our stakeholders [...]read more
What does Timeless Wealth mean to you?
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The Oxford Dictionary defines "timeless" as: "not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion...". We agree. We also agree that not everybody appreciates the possibility of achieving timeless wealth, and this may be either due to their circumstances or orientation. Timeless Wealth is wealth that is not affected by the passage of [...]read more
We Have Come A Long Way
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
It's the dawn of a new day in the banking industry as we make history with the establishment of Heritage Bank. A new day that births our offering of trans-generational significance as we commit to helping you create, nurture and transfer wealth to the significant others in your life's journey. Our raison etre is predicated [...]read more
Why Choose Heritage Bank?
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
We offer a fluid combination of people, systems and environments, creating simplified guest-oriented processes and warm, concierge-style guest relations. Our management team has a strong pedigree of successful turnarounds. True to our commitment to nurturing wealth, we made a provision of 100% liquidity cover for all existing depositors and liabilities of SGBN with regulatory support. [...]read more
Service is Our Number One Value
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
Customer Service Week is a worldwide initiative that is aimed at instilling a culture of service the world over. At Heritage Bank, we made a commitment to make the most of our first ever Customer Service Week, and we succeeded. From October 7 to 10 2013, the Heritage Bank team went from an assortment of [...]read more
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