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That expression is forbidden among the Heritage Entertainment Banking team.

We have comprehensive knowledge of your industry and take the time to understand the peculiar cycle and dynamics of your business, developing broad financial solutions adapted to truly serve your needs.

Geographical borders collapsed by digitization simply means that entertainment just like other businesses must be benchmarked by international best practices and advancements.

To say that managing a successful business in today’s economy requires strategic partnerships is hackneyed but true.

Partner with us on your media or entertainment business and gain access to our world class SME/commercial products plus expansive global network – positioning you to successfully and efficiently achieve all of your business and emotive goals.


    • Music
    • Movies
    • Sports
    • Broadcast Mediapurpose-image-2
    • Live entertainment
    • Brand Management
    • Equipment Leasing
    • Advertising and marketing services

    HB Artistry

    • B.L. I. N.G Legacy account
    • Bespoke financial solutions taken on a case by case basis
    • Music and Movie funding
    • Asset-based lending: Raise working capital by leveraging your company’s assets, including inventory, receivables and equipment.
    • Collections and vendor payments


    • Personal Banking:
    • Contract Financing:
    • Wealth Management:
    • Invoice Discounting:
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