Frequently Asked Questions

[vc_nested_accordion top_margin=”none” active=”1″ el_position=”last”][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: I used to have an SGBN account with a balance, how can I access the funds?”]
  • A: Please visit any of our validation centres with any document/instrument relating to your old account (statement of account, chequebook, withdrawal slip e.t.c) including a valid means of identification, and 2 passport photographs. This will facilitate your validation and begin the process of accessing your funds.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Where are the validation centres?”]
  • A: Our Validation centres are in the following locations. Abuja : Plot 3255, Ibrahim Babangida way, Maitama, (IEI Building), Abuja Lagos: AIB Plaza Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island. Ibadan: 7, Dugbe Road Ibadan P/Harcourt: 135 Olu Obasanjo Way P/H (Opening hours Mondays to Fridays 9am-4pm )
[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Is the validation exercise for former SGBN customers still ongoing? Will there be an extension?”]
  • A: Yes, the validation process is still on.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Can I get all my money?”]
  • A: Yes, if this is your option. There are other options; you can take part payment and open an account with the remaining balance or open an account and transfer the validated balance to your new account at Heritage Bank.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: How long will the account opening process take?”]
  • A: Once all your supporting documents are in place, your account should be up and running within 24 hrs.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: I have been validated and issued a slip, can I cash my money with it?”]
  • A: The validation slip is a confirmation that you were a bonafide account holder with SGBN. This slip also confirms your balance. It’s the first step to allowing you have access to your funds. This is followed by an account opening process and after you have fulfilled all account opening conditions, and the money is

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: How do I open an account?”]
  • A: You can open an account by providing valid documents for either Savings or Current (Individual/Corporate) account, which are the two variants available for now.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Why do I need to provide documents again, I have already done so at the validation centre.”]
  • A: These set of documents are required for account opening, the first set was for validation and payment.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: My father has a corporate account, he is late now, how do I claim the funds?”]
  • A: Yes you can claim your Late father’s fund, but you must provide all the documents required to claim the funds of a deceased. Some of these documents include: Letter of Administration, Death certificate etc. Corporate Accountholders: For a limited liability company, the company would have survived the deceased as there will still be directors

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: I have opened a Heritage Bank savings/current account how soon can I have access to my funds?”]
  • A: As soon we conduct all necessary verification and your account documentation is complete, you can have access to your funds.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: I was a signatory to my children’s account, they were minors at that time, they are over 18 now and in various institutions across the country, they will not be able to come to open accounts, how do I claim their funds?”]
  • A: As a signatory to your children’s account, this means you still remain signatory and still the one authorised to operate the account. The children though adults cannot claim the funds, except you change the existing mandate on the account.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: I do not live in Nigeria at the moment and I had an SGBN account. How can I partake in the validation exercise?”]
  • A: You can send a representative with a letter of authority and a scanned copy of the data page of your international passport. This should also be accompanied by all the bank’s documents or instruments.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: My brother had an account, he is presently outside the country, he has obtained a power of attorney, authorising me to process and open account for him. How do I go about this?”]
  • A: You need to provide full identification documents for your brother including contact details. The Power of Attorney will then be forwarded to legal services for verification before the process of account opening commences.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Will I receive interest on my money which has been trapped for 8 years now? If so, what rate will I get?”]
  • A: Unfortunately, there will be no interest as the bank was not operational during the period of suspension of its banking license.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: Do we have to continue a relationship once we have collected our monies?”]
  • A: This is left to your choice, however, we will appreciate your continued relationship with Heritage Bank. We hope that our level of service would have convinced you to continue to bank with us.

[/vc_nested_accordion_tab][vc_nested_accordion_tab title=”Q: My father has an individual account, he is late now, how do I claim the funds?”]
  • A: Yes you can claim your late father’s fund, but you must provide all the documents required to claim the funds of the deceased. The documents required are Letter of Administration (showing the funds in SGBN as part of the estate of the deceased) Original Death Certificate and Valid ID from the claimants

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