About the Protectors

2 Superheroes are at the center of the series. Their aim is to conquer an evil villain and his side kicks.

The thrill is that the Hero’s are able to rescue their peers from the schemes of GUS D Ville and protect their heritage.


Download “The Protectors” comic book and stand a chance to be a part of our bank tours, my day as a banker and our children’s day themed party.

The Protectors is an edutainment resource kit for children and young persons. The comic series is designed to drive financial education in a fun and creative way.

Join the bud club today to be eligible for the protectors competitions, games and events. Get to know the characters of “The Protectors” so you can enjoy every moment of the book.

HK 1

Real Name: Trisha Makolihk1
Special Powers:
Abilities to distort enemies reasoning by releasing a smoke perfume and knocking them out with a whip of her hair called maya

HK 2

Real Name: Anthony Udeydia
Special Powers:
Calculate yield on a savings opportunity in nano seconds

BABU babu

Is an old wise eagle, keeper of the heritage, resides in the secrete basement of the Heritage Bank HQ.

He has a staff that gives signals when any bud is in danger.


A street dog, that is endowed with supernatural powers not even BABU knows about.

He appears at the gate of the superhero’s when he senses danger from BABU’s wand.

SMASHER T smasher-t

A side kick, who uses brainwashing and deals with parents.

TERRY terry

Lurer-in Chief. All she does is to lure kids in various guises, especially spending on goods invented by GUS D Ville just for kids.

GUS D VILLE gus-d-ville

He is an evil personality whose main aim is to impoverish kids through his business empire. He achieves this through his side kicks.

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