Heritage PortaPOS – For the Business IN MOTION

Today, small businesses and large retailers are turning to mobile point of sale (or mPOS) to increase sales and broaden their customer base. Existing large retailers are also adopting mobile POS solutions and integrating them into their current point of sales environment to enhance payment methods.

The Nigerian retail and corporate market is undergoing a massive transformation in a battle for digital consumers, who are shopping through a variety of channels, and as such expect a more integrated payment experience that is quick, seamless, convenient, and most importantly secure.

Heritage Banking Company Limited is glad to introduce “PortaPOS” – Nigeria’s first portable POS solution – riding on the mPOS revolution, which is fast gaining acceptance worldwide. The Heritage PortaPOS is being introduced to address payment challenges within the retail payments space and also in support of the Cash-less Nigeria project spearheaded by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Aimed at providing a seamless payment channel for our esteemed merchants, the PortaPOS is a payment channel that performs the functions of an electronic point of sale terminal. The PortaPOS implementations allow services and sales industries to conduct financial transactions, receive payments and provide value-added services via a specialised app on their mobile phones, which in turns helps to improve customers experience and free up valuable real estate that would otherwise be dedicated to the regular POS countertop.


– Bluetooth technology

– Accepts all EMV Chip & PIN cards

– Accepts MasterCard, Verve, and Visa cards

– Portable and light (@ 120g only, it is lighter than a regular mobile handset)

– Long-lasting and rechargeable Li-Ion battery


– Transaction security is assured

– Triple receipt option (paper print, email, and SMS)

– Works with all GSM or wi-fi networks

– Direct credit of payments into business accounts

– Free to all business customers*

Any smartphone or tablet is compatible with the Heritage PortaPOS, via a free downloadable app. Our PortaPOS is also cost-effective, allowing a small business owner to conduct transactions and receive payments without having to invest in an electronic register or pay support licenses for software.

Heritage Bank was founded on a commitment to support our customers in wealth creation, preservation and transfer, and the Heritage PortaPOS is one of the numerous innovative ways through which we are empowering merchants to truly maintain a timeless rhythm to their business payment needs.

Heritage Bank at the CBN Cashless CardExpo 2015
Heritage Bank at the CBN Cashless CardExpo 2015

The Heritage Bank team were on the ground at the recently concluded Cashless CardExpo 2015 organized by the CBN, showcasing innovative products

and offerings (including the much-celebrated PortaPOS), while MD/CEO Mr Ifie Sekibo spoke on “Innovation in Financial Services Delivery


The Heritage PortaPOS ….. for the business IN MOTION.


L-R: Dr. Sophia Horsefall, Corporate Relations Manager, SPDC; Osepiribo Ben-Willie, Executive Director of Heritage Bank and Ivy Davies-Etokakpan, President of Eveafrique News at the Women Must Conference 2.0, titled “The Woman and Her Must” organised by The Kilali Tribe held in Port Harcourt.


Heritage Bank is agent for actualisation of SDG 5-Gender Equality, women empowerment – Kilali Tribe

05/12/2022:  Heritage Bank has been commended for being an agent for the actualisation of Sustainable Development Goals SDG 5 – Gender Equality, as well women empowerment for socio-economic growth.

This was stated by Kilali Tribe at the Women Must Conference 2.0, titled “The Woman and Her Must” organised by The Kilali Tribe which held in Port Harcourt.

The Kilali Tribe is an association of prolific Rivers and Bayelsa State women who come together to support themselves through peer learning, capacity-building initiatives, networking, and mentoring. Also, provide similar structured support to other women within the community.

Speaking at the event, Ivy Davies-Etokakpan, President of Eveafrique News who also member of Kilali Tribe, commended Heritage Bank for taking the lead in championing the empowerment of women over the years in the country.

“We are proud of Heritage Bank for making us soar while promoting women empowerment. Over the years, Heritage Bank has proved to be an agent for the actualisation of achieving SDG 5 – Gender Equality, as well women empowerment,” she said.

The Executive Director of Heritage Bank, Osepiribo Ben-Willie affirmed the need to deliberately adopt measures to deepen women empowerment to drive the nation’s socio-economic growth.

In her closing remarks, Osepiribo Ben-Willie hinted that the Conference had leveraged Kilali Tribe to come up with blueprint in promoting women’s equal right to socio-economic empowerment, as this is at the heart of the SDG5-Gender Equality.

The Executive Director of Heritage Bank affirmed that women all over have proved to be huge economic asset in the act of creation of a new sustainable economy, hence gender inclusiveness and women’s empowerment must be taken as a priority.

According to her, after evaluating the bottlenecks restraining the Kilali Tribe and other women to attain the platforms to grow professionally and thrive in all spheres of t heeconomy, it is a call to action to “tackle the challenges of gender disparity and lack of inclusiveness that have continued to impede the expected rapid economic empowerment that could help unshackle our women’s entrepreneurial prowess and foster more representation for women and girls at decision-making forums and Board levels in comparison to their peers in the developed countries.”

Ben-Willie added that for women to emerge economically and socially as independent there was an urgent need to tackle psychological, social and skill constraints.

Collaborating Ben-Willie’s, the Co-founder and former Group Executive Director of Sahara Group, Tonye Cole, advocated for women and girl inclusiveness across all sectors of the society, including economic participation and decision-making.

According to him, the country should be conscious of gender equality, whilst emphasising that dealing with the psychological constraint will enable women to be balanced emotionally.

He stressed the need for organisation to leverage women positions on Board level, as they are resourceful and could enormously impact to the growth of any society.

Cole also charged women in being deliberate to position and champion course that would put them at the forefront of making difference. //END.//

Ozena Utulu, Ag. Group Head, Corporate Communications