Dear Parents,

May 27th has been set aside in Nigeria to celebrate and recognize children who represent our future. As a society, we owe it to them to equip and inspire them to be the catalyst for societal transformation.


The theme “Glocal from the Start” adopted by Heritage Bank this year, is derived from the need to address the challenges of our economy and global position as a nation.

Below we have outlined 7 different ways you can adopt to position your child for global and local relevance.

Open tabs below to see the seven ways


    Exposing your child to various news and documentary channel service as a medium to investigative learning. After each program, get your children to tell you what they learnt from what they watched. This prepares the child to engage anyone in meaningful conversations.


    Use every family bonding event or activity to engage your child e.g. over meals, school runs, commuting. Every situation or scene is a learning opportunity to groom your child to be a glocal citizen.

  • E-PAL

    Remember when a pen pal meant you were globally connected and all the things you learnt from your pen pal. Children can connect to different parts of the world through various ways, thanks to technology, you can use secure platforms to bridge the gap of communication. Your child can communicate and have an exchange session with his/her peer in any part of the world through various online platforms. Who knows, a multinational conglomerate could emerge from such exchange.


    Extracurricular activities help to consolidate learning and initiate an application for tangible result. Have we ever asked how the mathematical equations we learnt at school as parents had an impact in the world around us? Children are asking such questions, how does what I learn in the classroom affect me, my parents or friends? Encourage your child to take up a passion, a probing question and start a club in school. Initiate a project.


    A book is the window to the world. Through books a mind can be transformed, through books your child can be taken to a different world, away from his/her immediate surroundings. Reward your child with books, give your child reading targets.


    Learning various languages will place your child on a higher pedestal. Connecting with people through language takes any friendship or relationship to a deeper level. It is a true attestation to being a global citizen. It breaks a key barrier “communication”.

    Learning languages (both local and international) opens up your child to a world of opportunities and benefits. For example, a Nigerian who fluently speaks the French language can adapt easily in Francophone countries.


    Having a firsthand experience of various cultures both local and international is another way to boost your child’s Glocal quotient. Take your children along to the village during festive periods, seek family group travel to save cost. It is an investment in your child’s development and future career or vocation. The wealth of your child’s travel experience and appreciation of both local and international cultures makes your child easily adaptable to various work environments which is a plus on any CV or international relationships.

    Take advantage of any opportunity that will expose your child to local and international cultures practices and you will have raised a global citizen.


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