Frequently Asked Questions


    What are the benefits of this acquisition?

    • The integration of both banks will bring about a bigger, better and stronger Heritage Bank, that is now a National Bank.
    • The bank will be able to offer so much more to our customers; more Experience Centers, ATMs, Branches, and more channels that leverage on the power of technology to enable our customers enjoy 100% conveniences in accessing our services.
    • In addition, our newly acquired customers will enjoy zero COT services on all our current accounts and this includes corporate accounts. This will benefit our customers immensely and there is more to come

    Will there be a new name for the bank?

    • The unified brand will be called Heritage Bank Ltd.

    How will both banks integrate seamlessly?

    • An integration process was conducted to ensure a smooth transition through the deployment of an enhanced technology across both banks and all channels.
    • The integration process was championed by Expert Consultants working with experienced in-house Integration Committees.

    What process improvements will you be making?

    • Innovation has always been our key strength, therefore all our processes will continually be scaled up to the industry best practice.

    What are the changes customers are likely to face?

    • A few planned changes are expected. Amongst these include; The Name of the Bank, Signages, Cheque Books, Account Numbers, The Corporate Signature/Brand, Communication Channels, Bank Website, Head Office Address, New Management and lots more.

    Will Enterprise Bank continue to offer the same products as it has done to date?

    • Products of both banks would be harmonized and any change in this regard will be duly communicated to all stakeholders.

    Enterprise Bank has a good understanding of me/my business. Will this change after I become Heritage Bank customer?

    • No, it will not change as Enterprise Bank Staff will still be here as the New Heritage Bank Staff to offer you better service and account management.
    • We pride ourselves in offering bespoke services across board. Therefore this merger will further strengthen our business relationship with you.

    Is there a possibility that my current enterprise bank branch will be closed?

    • In the event that there is a closure of any branch, it will be communicated effectively.

    Will enterprise bank structures be rebranded with the Heritage bank colors and logo?

    • A unified brand image will be adopted for the rebranding of the current enterprise bank structures.

    Will the level of service in Heritage change after the integration?

    • No, it will not change as the New Heritage Bank will be positioned to offer you better and improved service.

    As an Enterprise Bank customer, do I need to open another account with Heritage Bank?

    • No, you do not need to open a new Heritage bank account as your already existing Enterprise bank account will be migrated to the new bank.

    Do I need to register my Bank Verification Number (BVN) with Heritage Bank?

    • All enterprise bank account holders who have registered for their BVN do not have to re-register. However, all account holders who are yet to register, will be required to do so immediately.

    Will my account number change?

    • In the event that there is a change in the account number of either Enterprise bank or Heritage Bank; customers will be effectively notified.

    Will my account officer change?

    • In the event that there is a change in the account officers of either Enterprise bank or Heritage Bank; customers will be effectively notified.

    Can I carry out my Banking Transactions through any of the Heritage or Enterprise Branches?

    • Yes, you can transact in any of our new heritage branches for online real-time banking nationwide.

    Will the changes affect the branch hours of the branch I currently use?

    • Our banking halls will continue to operate at the current schedule (8am – 4pm, Mon-Fri). You will be notified in advance of any changes.

    Will I be able to continue using my debit/credit card?

    • Yes, as long as your card is valid. All card transactions remain the same, any change will be communicated to customer in good time.

    How can I obtain copies of my deposit statements?

    • You can contact our call centre +234-1-236-9000 0700-HERITAGE or walk into any of our locations nearest to you for more enquires.

    What if I have deposit accounts at both banks, how will that work?

    • Customers will be duly notified as communication will be passed across about the two institutions and also the process of combining your accounts or having a dual account would be duly communicated in good time.

    Will I still be able to use my Enterprise Bank cheque(s)?

    • Deposit slips and cheque books will be maintained but phased out over a period of time in line with Nigerian Banking Clearing System Regulation. However, customers will be notified of the duration period and any changes on other banking collaterals.

    Will my account fees change?

    • All fees charged by either of the banks are regulated by the CBN, hence any change in current fees charged to your account would be communicated to you in good time.

    What happens to my Mortgage with Enterprise Bank?

    • Heritage bank will incorporate all Enterprise bank Mortgages into the new Bank.

    Will the merger affect my existing Enterprise Bank loan?

    • No, it won’t affect existing loans, as loans would continue to run in there agreed terms and conditions; otherwise any change would be duly communicated in good time.

    Will my loan account number change?

    • There will be changes on loan account number and statement; however, customers will be duly informed.

    Will I be able to continue to use my loan coupons when I submit my loan payment?

    • Most definitely, but further changes will be duly communicated.

    Will my loan officer change?

    • In the event that there is a change in the loan officers of either Enterprise bank or Heritage Bank; customers will be effectively notified.

    Can I still view my loan and make a loan payment online?

    • Yes, the online platform will be enhanced for better services.

    My loan payment is automatically deducted from my deposit account. Will that service continue?

    • If the instruction is in place to that effect, it will still continue.

    What happens to the terms and conditions of my loan/credit facility?

    • The terms & conditions would be sustained, any change would depend on the prevailing market conditions and Heritage Bank will continually inform its stakeholders of these market trends.

    What are the electronic banking channels I can enjoy?

    You can enjoy the following wide bouquet of Electronic Banking Products specifically designed to make your banking experience fast and convenient;

    • Heritage Debit cards
    • Personal & Corporate Internet Banking
    • Quick Airtime recharge service
    • Corporate Bulk Payment solution
    • Corporate Web and Branch Payment Solutions
    • Mobile Banking
    • ATM & Kiosk Services
    • SMS Banking
    • POS & Mobile-POS
    • Automated Banking Centers (ABCs)

    Would my Enterprise Bank Card be able to carry out transfers, change of pin etc. on a heritage bank machine?

    • Yes, as long as the card is valid.

    If I use an Enterprise Card on a Heritage ATM would I be charged?

    • No, the CBN surcharge will not apply since both banks are now one entity.

    If my enterprise bank debit card has expired, will I be able to request a new one through Heritage bank channels?

    • Yes, you would be able to make debit card requests via Heritage bank channels. i.e. Experience centre, contact centre etc.

    Do I need a new mobile banking application

    • Yes, you will need to download the Heritage mobile application.

    Will my log-in information change on all platforms?

    • All log-in information (EBL only) will likely change and will be communicated to customers.

    Will there be any enhancements to my electronic channels?

    • Yes, a robust upgrade has been carried out on our electronic channels to serve you better.

    Will my direct deposit be affected?

    • No, all direct deposit will not be affected.

    What about automatic deduction of payments from my Enterprise Bank deposit account?

    • All scheduled payments remain the same, accounts will be migrated from Enterprise account to Heritage account.

    Will I be charged when transferring to a heritage account?

    • No, there will be no interbank charges when transferring from an Enterprise account to a HBC account.

    What about my safe deposit box at Enterprise Bank?

    • All safe deposit boxes at Enterprise Bank will still remain. Further process modification/adjustment will be duly communicated to customers.

    How can I receive additional information about the ongoing changes?

    Additional information can be accessed via:

    • Website:
    • Mail:
    • Contact center: 0700-HERITAGE, 01-2369000, 01-6309000
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