The Nigerian financial landscape changed a few months ago, when Heritage Bank and Enterprise Bank commenced the process of business integration, towards becoming a stronger financial institution.

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We are fully aware of the challenges that result from mergers. As such a team from both banks has been constituted to successfully manage the integration process. With this acquisition, we are better positioned to offer you unparalleled banking services which spreads across over 200 branches, 177 ATMs, 57 Cash Centres and 2000 POS Terminals in 26 states. This monumental event marks a new era in banking as the integration of two entities with such similar values, excellent and professional staffing, strong branch network can only lead to an entity that will further surpass your financial needs excellent and innovative service.

We shall harness the best of the two worlds combined in terms of our innovative products, bespoke technology and extended branch network manned by a team of tenacious people; as this automatically transforms OUR bank from a tier-2 player to a strong tier-1 player that is ONE! BIGGER! BETTER!

More than ever before, we resolve to building on our existing quest for quintessential banking service delivery guided by passion and sustained through our brand architecture that exudes quality service, performance, respect, integrity, innovation, tenacity and excellence as core values. We also want to affirm our commitment to all stakeholders and we would neither relent nor go back on our promise of creating, preserving and transferring wealth across generations.

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Click here to chat with us LIVE