A new thought is finding its place in our space.

A thought that challenges the normal, inspiring us to think beyond what is, and to rather think what could be.

To think beyond today… to think… GENERATIONS

To think THE BIG IDEA, see the BIG picture. To live for something greater than what you desire or need for yourself, bigger than what you can comprehend in its entirety as you conceive it, beyond where you find yourself at any given time.

Live to set something in motion that outlives you…


Inspired by stories…

  • The Journey of a Chocolate Bar

    The Journey of a Chocolate Bar

    (Lessons From The Life Of Milton S. Hershey) Hershey Chocolate Company is the 5th largest producing candy company in the world and the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America. The Hershey Company has operations throughout the world and approximately 14,000 employees with revenues of more than $6.6 billion and offers confectionery products under

  • Lessons from the Mouse Man

    Lessons from the Mouse Man

    Once upon a time, there lived a man named Walt Disney. Walt had a friend named Ubbe, and the two of them drew cartoons for a living. Walt and Ubbe created a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but they lost the rights to this character to Universal Pictures. Talk about a tough break… The

  • Building Bridges (against all odds)

    Building Bridges (against all odds)

    Once there was an explorer who needed to cross a bridge to a small town, but the bridge was badly damaged. After he carefully crossed it, he dropped his bags and took his time to repair the bridge. Another explorer passing by questioned his action, but he said to him I am not repairing it

LiveAhead Radio

Listen to the LiveAhead theme as heard in the new radio commercial

“Footsteps in the sands of time,.. creating pathways for those behind…”

LiveAhead Radio

Listen to the radio commercial based on the LiveAhead theme

“What would happen if I told you that you could outlive yourself..?”

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