Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Octopus?

    • Individuals: You do all of your banking transactions on Octopus irrespective of what your bank is.
    • Business: You can create a community for your customers, Octopus powers payment for you
  • What can I do on Octopus?

    • Banking:
      Pay Bills
      Airtime Recharge
      Funds Transfer
      Check your Balances
    • Socials
      Be in touch with events, manage your own events
    • Communities
      Create and join your communities
  • How can I access Octopus?

    Octopus Digital services are offered on the web, mobile app (downloadable) and the chat bots – on Telegram and Facebook messenger.

  • How do I know if my request is receiving attention?

    Octopus sends email and SMS notification for every event

  • How do I reset my Passcode?

    On the mobile app, click on ‘Forgot Passcode’ when the passcode screen comes up for reset.

    On the chatBot, click on ‘My Profile’ and select ‘Forgot Passcode’ as one of the options for reset.

  • Is there a charge for using this service?


  • What are the spend limits on Octopus?

    N100,000 per day; N20,000 per transaction

  • I started a transaction on mobile, can I complete it on Telegram?


  • I already have an account with Heritage, do I still need to register on Octopus?

    Yes you have to register on Octopus

  • I tried to register on Octopus, but I didn't get an OTP?

    Kindly ensure the phone number registered on Octopus is same as the one registered with your bank, or check your e-mail including spam for an OTP.

  • I registered on Octopus, but I can't add my account details

    Kindly ensure your account number inputted is correct, the phone number you added is same as the one registered with your bank or send a mail to with your account number and phone number for further investigation.

  • I did a transaction on Octopus; my account or card was debited, and I didn't get value.

    Kindly forward your name, phone number, issuing bank, receiving bank, amount and date of transaction to, for quick resolution

  • Can I add other Bank's card or my account with another Bank?

    Yes, you can add any bank’s card. You can add as many banks’ cards as you wish.

  • Can I add International cards or account on Octopus?

    No, that option is currently not available.

  • Who do I contact for further enquiries or if I encounter challenges on Octopus?

    You can channel all your challenges on Octopus to:

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Click here to chat with us LIVE