tired of discarding resolutions


Everyone begins the New Year full of hope, plans, purpose – and a long list of things to do to achieve those plans. Between personal goals like, ‘lose weight’ to ‘learn a new language’, professional goals like, ‘get a promotion’ and ‘be more efficient’, and social goals like, ‘call my in-laws more’ and ‘be more

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So you think you're NOT creative

So, you think you’re NOT creative?

Many people view creativity as an exclusive attribute of the arts. Painting, acting, writing, singing, and similar artistic expressions, are viewed as entirely imaginative, and therefore, creative. This, of course, is correct. However, there is a common tendency to turn that central assumption into a limitation: believing that since artistic professions are creative, other professions

2015-01-12 | HeritageBank

Time to Upgrade to “Pro” 2015

Professionalism is the sum total of appropriate behaviour in the work environment, and professional conduct is a key indicator of the success of an organisation. Employers and service users alike are constantly talking about professionalism and its lack thereof, but what does it really mean to “be professional” or to “act professionally”? Here are a

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Get Rewarded for Using Your Heritage Bank Verve Card

With over N4,000,000 to be won in the Heritage Bank/Verve “ACTIVATE, SPEND and WIN” promo, EVERYONE CAN BE A WINNER!!! There are various gift prizes to be won and this ranges from instant corporate gifts to cash rewards, recharge cards and up to 100% cash backs. To partake and win in the promo, you must activate

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The attention of the Management of Heritage Bank Limited has been drawn to information making the rounds on social media, recruitment portals/blogs and cyberspace alleging that Heritage Bank Limited is conducting a nationwide recruitment drive. This has caused intending candidates to send in resumes/CVs to our dedicated recruitment email address. Please be informed that the

2014-10-17 | HeritageBank

Heritage Bank Holds Maiden SME Business Exhibition

Heritage Banking Company Limited has announced plans to host its maiden Business Fair to support the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country. The two-day Business exhibition is one of the key activities marking the Bank’s 2014 Customer Service Week scheduled for October. Explaining the rationale behind the maiden Business Fair, Group

2014-10-02 | HeritageBank

The Single-Eyed Employee

The Single-Eyed Employee The typical employee has a fully-kitted arsenal of devices: personal phone, work phone, laptop, tablet. And on these devices are even more productivity tools: calendar, organizer, Skype, reminder apps, notepad apps, text messaging, email apps, messenger apps – and these are just the productive applications. Add to that, news updates, blogs, websites,

2014-06-09 | HeritageBank

This thing called CAREER

This thing called ‘Career’ A job is a course of daily engagement that is performed in exchange for value – monetary and otherwise. A career takes the shape of a job, but has the advantage of long-term vision and purpose. It is the choice between these that makes the most significant difference in today’s marketplace.

2014-05-28 | HeritageBank

Lessons from the Mouse Man

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Walt Disney. Walt had a friend named Ubbe, and the two of them drew cartoons for a living. Walt and Ubbe created a character called “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,” but they lost the rights to this character to Universal Pictures. Talk about a tough break… The

2014-05-19 | HeritageBank

Disconnected Connections

Disconnected Connections. With the powerful new media technologies at our finger tips, human beings are interacting at a historically unprecedented speed and frequency. And yet, despite this, every relevant metric shows that we are more disconnected than ever before. If, according to studies, face to face communication truly is the most effective way to build

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