It's time to see the BIG in little things

We see the BIG in little things

At Heritage Bank we cultivate real partnerships with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (or MSMEs, if you like). You practically become part of a family – call it a “progress club”. First of all, this gives you access to the CBN single digit loan, you enjoy a direct link to easy funding through the Paris Klub Scheme, and also get business advisory services via our regular Business Clinic events.

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sme-shop-icon-3dWe have a category of loans all tailored to support Small Growing Businesses in the Nigerian space and enable them compete in a global economy

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MSME Business Account


    This is a value proposition designed to address your business needs as a Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprise (MSME). The account aims to help MSMEs grow their businesses.

    The proposition is categorized into 3 different groups:

    • Heritage MSME Business classic with a maximum annual debit transaction of ₦50m
    • Heritage MSME Business pro with a maximum annual debit transaction of ₦100m
    • Heritage MSME Business premium with a maximum annual debit transaction of ₦250m

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    Account opening amount and minimum balance for each Heritage MSME Business category is as follows:

    • Heritage MSME Business classic – ₦25,000
    • Heritage MSME Business pro – ₦50,000
    • Heritage MSME Business premium – ₦100,000

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    • A current account with Zero COT.
    • Overdraft facility is 25% of the 6 months average monthly turnover and limited to the Heritage MSME Business category amount.
    • Higher credit such as LPO financing, term loans e.t.c are available but will have to pass through applicable credit process.
    • Easy access to Free POS terminal.
    • Easy access to (collateral free) loan.
    • Advisory services.
    • Access to credit life assurance protection against the borrowed funds.
    • Low transactional cost: – i.e. Zero COT.
    • Easy access to collateral free overdraft (which is a % of your 6 months average turnover).
    • Easy access to other higher credit facilities giving you the opportunity to acquire assets for the business & so on.
    • Free deployment of Point of Sale Terminal which reduces cost of handling cash and convenience of cashless trading.
    • Access to advisory service from appointed consultants, which will help you develop competitive edge business skill.
    • Credit life assurance cover on borrowed funds in case of default via death or physical disability
    • Regular networking events

CBN Single-digit Loan

CBN single-digit loans with less than 10% interest rate

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in recognition of the significant contributions of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sub-sector to the economy, launched the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF) on August 19, 2014.

As one of the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), we have identified opportunities for Heritage Bank customers on this Fund.


    1. Application Letter – stating clearly Business Sector, Requested Amount and Tenor, Asset, last year turnover (if any)
    2. Board Resolution
    3. Heritage Bank Account
    4. Viable Business Plan with Cashflow Projection
    5. Letter of Authority to debit for CRMS Check
    6. Certificate of Incorporation or Registration & MEMART (as appropriate)
    7. Borrowers Contact – Business & Directors’ Addresses & Telephone numbers
    8. Collateral acceptable to Heritage Bank

    • Manufacturing
    • Agricultural value chain activities
    • Educational institutions
    • Renewable energy/energy efficient product and technologies
    • Any other income generating enterprise as may be prescribed by the CBN
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