Heritage SkoolBank is an innovative suite of products and services with the aim of providing financial education, support and empowerment, whilst engaging every member of the school community.

Our specialized team equipped with an in-depth knowledge of Education Business is poised to work with you to give you that cutting edge and offer your stakeholders value for what they spend.

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Key Benefits

of Joining the SkoolBank community

  • Schools

    • Support for Asset Acquisition and Expansion Projects
    • Several Exciting Extra-Curricular Clubs by Heritage SkoolBank
    • Signature School Branded Automated Mini Bank and E-board for displaying school photo gallery and events
    • Access to school business advisory services and ERP solutions for School Admin and finance office
    • Win fantastic prizes at Heritage SkoolBank End of Session Draw
    • Potential Enrolment of more pupils through Heritage SkoolBank club activities and an attractive profile onHeritage SkoolBank website
  • Teachers and Extra-Curricular Instructors

    • Salary Advance
    • Create a professional profile on our online community/website and engage other professionals
    • Access to edutainment resources online
    • Professional Development/Training Loan
    • Class room management/projects support
  • Pupils / Students

    • Be a Heritage SkoolBank club pioneer in your school
    • Student ID and Value Cash Card for special discounts
    • High interest rate on savings
    • Earn points at every savings milestone and win fantastic prizes
    • Create a profile on Heritage SkoolBank online community and network with other students
    • Participate in competitions, games and apps that enhance learning and social skills
    • Access to edutainment resources
    • Become a world class citizen with Skype Classroom Exchange and exciting SkoolBank club activities
  • Parents

    • Access to Educational Loans for your wards
    • Heritage SkoolBank communication keeps you abreast of your child’s total development
    • Earn reward points on your account, transferrable to your child’s account or vice versa
    • Banking convenience
    • Value for money!
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