#IamProudOfMyHeritage: The New Kings and Queens of Africa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The heritage of a people is their source of greatness. The American dream is built on the heritage of great men like Verndabilt, Carnegie, Ford, etc. However, in the case of Africa, the conversation always revolves around slavery, starvation, and politicians, overlooking an era before then when African Kings and Queens built empires and enterprise from the wealth of the land. They built kingdoms and vast empires from nothing and carried out business with other African kingdoms beyond their territories, and with nations beyond their shores.

At Heritage Bank, we believe that a great past is important to building a great future and by denying a people’s past, you deny them that greatness. We believe that with the right partnership, Africa and Africans can achieve great feats similar and even surpassing the rest of the world. There are those amongst us today on that path, we call them the new Kings and Queens of Africa. Ordinary men and women born of the same strength of character as the Kings and Queens before them.

So we are opening a new chapter in our story. We have now fully embarked onthe expression of a much-awaited campaign tagged #IamProudOfMyHeritage, by which we inspire people to become better equipped to bring about progress and build entities of worth, to effectively utilize available resources (regardless of economic challenges), seek new heights, and continuously add undeniable value on both a local and global scale.

We have finally begun to tell the story we have held in our hearts from the very beginning the story of who we all truly are part of the new kings and queens of Africa who, by an enterprise, is indeed on the rise. So we invite all players in this unfolding script (our customers, fans, friends, family as well as staff) to assume that distinguished role as protagonists of this culture, and step onto the stage to make a resounding statement to the world. Let all take ownership of our true heritage as kings and queens of Africa.

We shall reflect this heritage in the words we use, the way we treat one another, and the values we project both in our personal dealings, our careers and our business. Let us serve, perform, treat the sensibilities of others with respect, be of integrity, be innovative, tenacious and always strive for excellence. Let us create the society we have always wanted by being the royalty it deserves, a royalty that takes responsibility for growth, and is inclined to inspire others to harness the kings and queens within themselves. Let us pass-on more than financial wealth to those generations depending on us, by emerging from a place of hindrance and limitation to create wealth that is truly timeless.

So rise up, wherever you are, new kings and queens of Africa. Embrace your full potential and be #proudofyourheritage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]