This thing called CAREER

This thing called Career

A job is a course of daily engagement that is performed in exchange for value monetary and otherwise. A career takes the shape of a job but has the advantage of long-term vision and purpose. It is the choice between these that makes the most significant difference in today’s marketplace.

Two individuals with identical qualifications will end up in two different places, depending on the choices they make: Employee/Entrepreneur growth rate analysis

To pursue a paycheck tends to mean following the highest bidder never staying at one place long enough to truly grow. The person that does this will often rise very quickly, switching jobs every other year in search of higher positions and paychecks. The drawback of this course is that the individual peaks very quickly, and gets trapped under the glass ceiling of corporate success.

To pursue a career is to take on the challenge of commitment that goes beyond a monthly paycheck; enduring salary reductions, market changes and less-than-ideal workplace situations in search of the invaluable: experience, knowledge and expertise. This course has its drawbacks too following this path will often mean a longer and tougher journey to the top of the ladder.

It is not an easy choice, but we hope the following distinctions will help:

  • Career is built on passion while jobs are borne of necessity.
  • A job is done primarily out of obligation while a career is done with zeal.
  • Anyone can have a job, but only a person with a clear vision and direction for their life has a career.

Passion, zeal and clarity of vision are distinct markers that separate careers from jobs.  To quote Benjamin Franklin, The secret of success is the constancy of purpose. To be successful and to create timeless wealth, one must find a purposeful career and follow through with it.  Great men who have made a difference did not get there just because they had jobs, but because they lived lives of purpose and passion by building sustainable careers.

One may make a few mistakes and dilly dally in a few jobs before the right career path is discovered, but once it is, you must stay the course until you achieve the success you desire.

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