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  • About this Card

    With Heritage Bank Verve Debit Card you can pay conveniently for goods and services on all ATMs, POS, Web, and Kiosks

  • Benefits

    Benefits of the Heritage Verve Debit Card

    • Heritage Verve Debit Card is accepted nationwide.
    • Elimination of Security risk associated with travelling with tons of cash.
    • Safety &Security of transactions due to Chip+PIN technology
    • Cardholders can make purchases with Heritage Verve Debit Card via POS Terminals and Local Internet websites securely.
    • Verve Debit Cardholders also get access to cash through ATMs and POS Terminals.
    • No extra documentation is required. Ownership of a Heritage account is the only necessary documentation.
    • Cardholders can manage their Finances efficiently.
    • Cardholders get Itemized Statements for the transactions effected via their Cards.
    • Access to Online transaction details.
    • Heritage Verve debit card offers a bundle of value propositions to the customer, i.e. Rewards, SMS alert to guide against fraudulent transactions and Internet banking.
    • Convenience and Prestige.
  • Features

    • Secured by Chip & PIN technology
    • Daily Local ATM withdrawal limit of N150,000
    • Daily POS transaction limit of N500,000
    • Daily Web transaction limit of N500,000
    • Card validity period of 2years
  • Verve Debit Card FAQs

    What is the Verve Debit Card?

    The Verve Debit Card is the new Chip & PIN Card being issued by Heritage Bank and is powered by Interswitch. Verve is the new name of a more secure, convenient Interswitch (ATM) card that makes transactions safer and adds convenience to everyday life.

    It is a plastic card that still allows withdrawal of cash directly from your Heritage Bank Account at an ATM (Automatic Transaction Machine) and items to be purchased at stores with POS terminals and Websites with Web Payment Engines.

    Where can I use my Verve Debit Card?

    With your New Verve Debit Card, you get unbeatable reach, matchless access to cash and payment services on all channels on the Interswitch Network. Your Card can be used on the following channels on the Interswitch Platform: ATM, POS, WEB, MOBILE and KIOSK; basically anywhere where the Verve Logo is displayed to signify Acceptance.

    What can my Verve Debit Card do for me?

    It Gives You Added Security:The Verve Card is one of the most secure Chip & PIN Card available. The Chip technology guarantees that information stored is not accessible to unauthorized persons; its other security features ensure that transactions across all payment channels on the Interswitch Network remain secure and uncompromised.

    What countries can I use my Verve Debit Card?

    For now, only in Nigeria but there are plans by Interswitch to go outside the shores of the country.

    What can I do with my Verve Debit Card?

    • Withdraw Cash on the go from ATMs
    • Pay Bills – DSTV, Utility, Phone & Other bills via ATM and other Channels on the Interswitch Platform
    • Make purchases in stores with POS terminals on the Interswitch Platform
    • Make purchases online on websites with the Web Payment engine on the Interswitch Platform
    • Send Phone Credits to your Phone Line.
    • Transfer funds from one account to another.
    • Check your Bank Account Balance
    • Print out a Mini-statement
    • Do a PIN change

    What currency are my transactions done in when I use my Verve Debit Card?

    Cash disbursed by the ATM is denominated in Naira in Nigeria. POS &Web (Local) Transactions are also done in Naira.

    Will I need to activate my Verve Debit Card before I can use it?

    Yes, you need to activate it. To activate, you need to change the default PIN given to you by Heritage Bank via an ATM to a new PIN you will remember and keep safe.

    How do I change the default PIN of my Verve Debit Card?

    • Insert your Verve Card “Chip first” into the ATM
    • Enter in your default Pin displayed in your PIN Mailer
    • Select Change PIN from the main menu.
    • Enter your new PIN (one that you can remember but try to refrain from yours and family members’ Year of Birth)
    • Re-enter your new PIN
    • The screen will show you that ‘PIN Change was successful’
    • You can either perform another transaction or remove card

    What is a PIN?

    PIN means Personal Identification Number. It is a secret 4 digit number that is either assigned to you by Heritage Bank or chosen by you and is used to verify that you are the owner of the card when making a transaction. It provides enhanced security. These 4 digits will be important for you to remember. You will not be able use the ATMs, POS and other payment terminals without a PIN. You are advised to change your default PIN before your 1st transaction. Please do not tell anyone your PIN. You should also change your PIN frequently as a good security measure.

    How do I use my Verve Debit Cardto make cash withdrawals at the ATM?

    • Insert your Verve Card “Chip first” into the ATM
    • Enter in your PIN
    • Select Withdrawal from Options Menu
    • Select Account Type
    • Select/Enter in Amount
    • Press Enter
    • ATM should dispense your cash
    • The screen will show you that Transaction was successful
    • You can either perform another transaction or remove card

    How do I use the Verve Debit Card to pay for an item on a POS Terminal?

    • Insert your Verve Chip card into the Card slot of the POS terminal
    • Select Purchase from Options menu
    • Select Account Type
    • Enter in total amount for purchase(s) made
    • Enter in your PIN
    • The screen will show you that the transaction was successful
    • POS terminal prints 2 receipts – Customer’s copy and Merchant’s copy.
    • You can either perform another transaction or remove card

    Do I need a bank account before I can own the new Verve Debit Card?

    Yes you need to have a Heritage Bank account to own a debit card. If you do not have an account, visit any of our Heritage Experience Centers, one will be opened for you.

    How do I load money on my Verve Debit Card?

    You do not need to load money on your Verve Debit Card. TheVerve Debit Card allows you to spend only what is in your bank account. Whenever you use the card, you are subtracting money from your own bank account.

    How can I renew my Expiring/Expired ATM Card?

    All Expiring Verve Cards are renewed automatically 2 (two) months before expiry and you will be notified of the new Card. Same cost applies.

    What should I do if my card is stolen/lost?

    Report the theft immediately to Heritage bank through any of the following:

    • Contacting the Heritage BankContact Center on +23412798800
    • Visit the nearest Heritage Bank Experience Center and filling in a request form at the Customer Service Desk
    • Sending an email to info@hbng.com and request for a new Verve Debit Card.

    I just received a transaction alert that I didn’t do with my card. What can I do?

    Same Steps as above

    My Card got blocked by mistake, how do I get it unblocked?

    • Walk into any Heritage bank with means of verification (International Passport, Drivers License)
    • Fill in a request form for your Card to be unblocked
    • Submit your Card Unblocking request form to the Customer Service
    • Bank processes request and unblocks

    What happens if I don't have any money in my account?

    Your card transactions will be declined. You will have to fund your account to be able to use your card.

    I receive an error when I try a transaction?

    • You can contact Heritage Bank ContactCenter on 0700HERITAGE and 012369000
    • You may also visit any of the Heritage Bank Experience Centers customer service desk.
    • You can also speak with your account officer or send a mail to info@hbng.com
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