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Our cards are your simple companions through the moments that define your day. We have crafted something with each solution that guarantees cardfidence, so you never get interrupted.


Mobile Banking

Lots of ways to bank from your mobile device. Heritage Bank gives you choice of mobile platforms

Our Mobile banking platforms are designed for those in motion, meant entirely to avail you with the convenience of banking on the move by using your mobile phone to live uninterrupted


Internet Banking

Internet Banking Portal. Perform a wide range of transactions in your comfort zone

Internet Banking provides customers a secure and convenient platform where they can execute banking transactions from the comfort of their homes and offices using an internet enabled device.

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POS Devices

Point of sale (POS) devices for retail payment

The Heritage Bank PoS terminal provides a convenient, secure and efficient means of processing transactions online & real-time as value is credited directly into the merchants account

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ATMs and ABCs

ATMs and Automated Banking Centres

Heritage Bank believes in simplifying your lifestyle. We have ATMs, spread across the country, but with our Automate Banking Centres we give you the full package. Do anything.

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Experience Centres

Heritage Bank Experience Centres

Our growing number of branches, which we call Experience Centres, are equipped with a Self-Service zone, some have an art gallery, and a Customer Experience Lounge, where we empower customers and attend to the needs of our esteemed guests.

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