We've learned to work closely with our women
to nurture the true foundation of
wealth creation

PowerBase: Banking for Women
Nigeria's Population
Financially Excluded Nigerian Adults
Financially Excluded Women
Financially Excluded Women in Rural Areas

83 million adult Nigerians are currently excluded from the financial system, (half of which are women with 80% residing in the rural areas). We want to change that. So we’ve learned to work closely with our women to nurture the true foundation of wealth creation, and give our future the power it deserves.

PowerBase is Heritage Bank's gender inclusion product.

And it is aimed at achieving economic growth through gender empowerment/ affirmation by providing convenient banking for urban, semi-urban and rural women.

It is not a mere product, rather a proposition that combines financial services with access to information, education, and networking opportunities.


  • Opening balance of N2,000
  • Minimum operating balance of N1,000
  • Up to N50,000 uncollateralized loan eligibility
  • Referral Commission. PowerBase account holders who refer other women receive commission when they maintain a minimum average monthly balance from N10,000
  • Access to periodic financial education sessions
  • Access to Mobile & Internet banking, other eChannels
  • Customized debit card on request
  • Targeted at lower income women, most likely petty trader, artisan, homemaker etc.


  • Completed account opening form (refer-a-friend card inclusive)
  • N50,000 minimum opening/operating balance (Current Account)
  • N1,000 minimum opening/operating balance (Savings Account)
  • Passport photograph
  • Valid means of identification
  • Utility bill
  • KYC/Premises Visitation
  • References
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